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5 Self Care Challenges to do during Quarantine

The world went on lockdown unexpectedly and it is easy for someone to get bored or feel unproductive and most importantly battling the pandemic. Everyone in the world is ordered to stay home and stay safe; we all may not be able to control what happens, but we can always control the outcomes. People are asked to practice self-quarantine and social distancing but these can turn into self-care and social support.

We all are busy with work, school, family, and others when things were normal; and we always cried about how we didn't have some time off to rest, so this is a perfect time. The only thing we can do is stay positive and stay inside to take care of loved ones.

Organize your home

Got Nothing to do at home or have you ever sat in a cluttered room and felt stressed. A disorganized or cluttered room can affect your inner peace. Studies show that cleaning up your home can reduce stress. It's a perfect time now to take the advantage to clean your house before you go back to your busy schedule.


This pandemic was unexpected for everyone this year, many people have lost their jobs or miss socializing with loved ones. This is where mediation comes, it is a mental exercise for your mind that involves focus, relaxation, and awareness. It helps with depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping by developing concentration and techniques that can help with clarity and emotional positivity.


Stretch, breath, and Yoga, it is an ancient practice and a spiritual discipline, it is a combination of mediation, breathing techniques and physical postures that help with increasing self-awareness, reducing stress, removing negative toxins from the body, and promotes self-healing.

Indulge skincare

Having a skincare routine is a lifelong process, if you choose to have beautiful skin 20-30 years from now then you will need a skincare routine. It is important because washing face with face soap is not enough. You will need to use a cleanser, moisturizer, serums and etc to help keep your skin healthy and moist.


No Gym, No Problem! Exercise is a very important part of our health, it has many benefits such as help us by burning calories. It is a perfect time to do all the 30 days challenges during quarantine without disruption. Engaging in daily exercise can prevent health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and etc. Study shows that exercising can help boost confidence and fall asleep faster.

Find a new Hobby

Hobbies are important because it brings us joy. These days many people are busy working full shifts and going to school, leaving us with little to no time to do things we like. However, during quarantine, it is the best time to find new hobbies and explore our talents.

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