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How to handle break up during pandemic!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

All these years and now what “BREAK UP”!

Break ups are not easy, they completely mess us up emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically. It is hard to think of the future and imagine moving on with your life without your other half, and it’s even difficult when you break up during the COVID-19 pandemic event. The COVID-19 has increased anxiety and depression for many people due to losing jobs, break ups, and social distancing from friends and family.

It is challenging to handle breakup by self-isolating, although technology has come through allowing us to stay connected with loved ones, it doesn’t help us disconnecting ourselves or snooping on our ex profile page. The first move that is required from you to do is to mute or put them on “Don’t Disturb” on your phone and social media. Because deleting and blocking is not necessary, we are all mature and about that growth. If you could distant or do a detox from social media is even better for your state of mind.

Secondly, don’t replace your ex with another person, replace them with a new hobby. It perhaps may sound so difficult to attain but it will bring you so much joy. All these times you have been busy with your partner and setting off your plans to the curb, or you gave so much time or did many things for them. You’re doing the same now just with your hobby. If you’ve been thinking about finishing writing that book or trying that online tutorial, go ahead and do it.

A relationship is time-consuming, however, don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and dial that number to call your best friend, cousins, parents, or your therapy. It is crucial to seek support and they are here for you to talk. Thanks to Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime, and other apps, for launching all these great apps that help us to stay connected. The pandemic has altered everything for everyone’s 2020 plan, but the apps allow you to keep continuing to schedule your therapy session, arrange Sunday brunch mimosa, game nights, and catching up on the latest episode of Insecure shows together online.

Most importantly, healing during this time is vital by doing what you normally would do to take care of your mind and body. Recording your daily emotions or moods are a good way to start. Tracking your emotions will help you to monitor your feelings on a daily, and better understand how to overcome that emotion. There is plenty of selection of mood apps designed that assist with tracking, managing, and better improve your mood.

Have you heard of setting up daily affirmations? In this case, when you are in self-isolation, practicing safe distance and going through break-up stress. Breakups can destroy your self-confidence and mental health, and to recover from break up is by using motivational/ positive affirmation. Affirmations are a statement that provides emotional support that is said out loud until we train our brain to think positively. Setting up daily affirmations reminders is one step towards happiness and peace, that will help you heal you’re heartbroken and boost your confidence again. You could do it by using the traditional way by using a sticky note or pillow method or the modern way is setting up a reminder on your phone using apps such as “I am” or “Mantra” to send you a daily reminder message.

Lastly, dating apps are cool and fun. Getting on dating apps during the pandemic is fun, allowing you to meet new people. However, to start dating depends

on your relationship and your break up. There are few things that we need to realize before getting on a dating app; downloading the apps such as “tinder’ or “hinge” doesn’t mean you are moving on, and it is ok to take some break before dating. According to the relationship expert, Nora DeKeyser of Three days rule says “I always recommend taking some time to yourself after ending a relationship." Getting on dating apps doesn’t mean you will start a new relationship, as sad as you may feel there are high chances you may feel stuck in a sub-par relationship, and this is not what you need right now “feeling stuck”. Moreover, you will know when is the right time to get on dating apps and start flirting with a cutie.

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